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Okay, So I Couldn't Resist...

Went a little crazy with the iconing of the newest photos from the Roots promotionals. But my craziness is your reward. Enjoy.

--39 Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

01. Photobucket 02. Photobucket 03. Photobucket 04. Photobucket

05. Photobucket 06. Photobucket 07. Photobucket 08. Photobucket

09. Photobucket 10. Photobucket 11. Photobucket 12. Photobucket

13. Photobucket 14. Photobucket 15. Photobucket 16. Photobucket

17. Photobucket 18. Photobucket 19. Photobucket 20. Photobucket

21. Photobucket 22. Photobucket 23. Photobucket 24. Photobucket

25. Photobucket 26. Photobucket 27. Photobucket 28. Photobucket

29. Photobucket 30. Photobucket 31. Photobucket 32. Photobucket

33. Photobucket 34. Photobucket 35. Photobucket 36. Photobucket

37. Photobucket 38. Photobucket 39. Photobucket

Credits: Sanami276 for the photo frames; glampunk brushes; font: Freshman.

Comments welcome--tell me which one you like! And credit, of course, please. :)


YESSSS! Snagging like all of them! Thank you!
Snag away. :) You're very welcome!
lalalalalalaloooooooooooove this batch! Taking 28 and crediting~

thanks hun!♥
#28 was one of my faves in this set. :)

Oh my god! I absolutely love this 37, 29, 33, 34, 31, 32 all the outdoor/football shirt ones and much more! I LOVE them snaggin so many!
Wow. I'm delighted you loved so many in this batch. Take care of them :) And as always, enjoy.
Aaaaaaah these are all so good! I especially love 28 for some reason, probably because it's the icon I wish I had made. ;)
I felt that way about icons for a long time--like other people were making the icons I imagined in my head--and then I just started making my own. Enjoy #28. :)
LOL, I do make my own icons, which is why I'm kicking myself for not seeing how that picture could have been so perfectly iconized. ;)
Ah, I see. Well, if it's any consolation, most of the time I think my icons are boring b/c they're so stylistically simple. *shrug*
These are great :) Thanks so much for posting... oh wait, I like them all (answering the question). <333
All of them, really? :P It's always fun when a certain batch of icons goes over so well. :)
Awesome icons! I adore this photoshoot so much :)
Me, too! I hope they do more for Roots soon.
These are brilliant, good job! and ty for sharing :)
Thanks, and I can't imagine not sharing! :)