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Ilderton, Ontario Celebration Parade Icons

The homecoming parade for Tessa and Scott via icons. :)

--47 Icons

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05. Photobucket 06. Photobucket 07.  Photobucket 08. Photobucket

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37. Photobucket 38. Photobucket 39. Photobucket 40. Photobucket

41. Photobucket 42. Photobucket 43. Photobucket 44. Photobucket

45. Photobucket 46. Photobucket 47. Photobucket

Credits: All pictures belong to and we were used with permission of virtuoust. Such amazing captures! Thanks again so much for letting me borrow them! ^_^ Textures and overlays by masterjinn and Sanami276.

Comment, snag, credit, enjoy!


These are gorgeous dear, snaggins tons because I've lost all my pics and icons of these two! Do you use Photoshop?
Oh no, a whole folder of T/S pics disappeared off my flashdrive once and I was depressed for days! I use Photoshop 7.0 at home for most of my icon work, but I love using CS4 at school for bigger projects. Thanks for commenting!
*sigh* It is depressing, because I literally had HUNDREDS of pics of them, some were pretty rare too! :( I also had CS4 on my computer but now it's gone *bawls* Did you buy Photoshop 7.0? And I'm so jealous you have CS4 at school! And no prob, I love your icons :)
Well, I seriously have more than my share of T+S photos, so if you need a particular one, let me know. I just might have it. :) Yes, a family member bought PS7 years ago. I love using our graphic design labs at school. I'm addicted to CS4 and Adobe Illustrator. And thanks, I love sharing my icons.

born30, these are lovely! thanks so much for posting. i'll probably snag a few (with credit) because i haven't gotten around to making my own just yet ...

thanks again!

Thank you so much for allowing me to use your photographs in the first place! I really had a great time! Let me know when you make/post your own icons!