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Golden Season

Very soon there will be talk of new music, new costumes, new elements and programs...the beginning of a whole new season. But this past competative figure skating year was a good one for Scott and Tessa, and Meryl and Charlie, to put it mildly. It was wildly successful--there. So can you blame me for feeling nostalic about it already?

Relive the golden season with all the icons I made, forgot about, found again--from October and beyond--just behind the cut.

41 Icons:
--12 Meryl Davis/Charlie White
--29 Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir

Davis,White Virte,Moir Photobucket

Meryl and "Charles"

01. meryl davis,charlie white 02. meryl davis 03. davis white,ice dance 04.  davis,white

05. Davis,White 06. Davis,White 07. Photobucket 08. Davis,White

09. meryl davis,charlie white 10. Photobucket 11. Photobucket 12. Photobucket

Scott and his girl, T

01. Photobucket 02. Photobucket 03. Photobucket 04. Photobucket

05. Virte,Moir 06. Virtue,ice dance 07. virtue,moir,icons 08. tessa virtue,scott moir

09. tessa virtue 10. scott moir 11. tessa virtue,scott moir 12. Photobucket

13. Photobucket 14. Photobucket 15. Photobucket 16. Photobucket

17. Photobucket 18. Photobucket 19. Photobucket 20. Photobucket

21. Photobucket 22. Photobucket 23. Photobucket 24. Photobucket

25. Photobucket 26. Photobucket 27. Photobucket 28. Photobucket

29. Photobucket

Credits: Ch4ron, Aethereality, ianthinae, blimey_icons, regularjane.

As usual, snag away--but please credit if you use! :)


Your icons are simply gorgeous. <3
Snagging a bunch. ;D
Thank you so much for making them and sharing.
Thanks so much!
Take as many as you want and enjoy!
Your icons are always sooo gorgeous. Memming this for later. :P