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1x22 Founder's Day Icon Batch

I know that the scene was technically between Damon and Katherine, but when I look at the screencaps, all I see is Damon and Elena making out on her front porch. *shrug*

--16 Damon/KatherineElena

FD_9 FD_16 FD_4

01. FD_11 02. FD_2 03. FD_4 04. FD_15

05. FD_3 06. FD_5 07. FD_6 08. FD_7

09. FD_8 10. FD_14 11. FD_13 12. FD_12

13. FD_1 14. FD_10 15. FD_9 16. FD_16

Snag, comment, credit, enjoy.

Credits: screencaps from hotn-caps.com; textures, masks, gradients by masterjinn and ewanism. 


Love 3, 4, and 5! :D
Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I'm using #3 on FF right now because I think Damon needs some love and I absolutely love that avi!! <3

I hope you'll make some season 2 DE icons!! Your icons are always amazing!! :D
Hi! Thanks for letting me know you're using an icon! Damon certainly did need some love after all that heartache he suffered in the premiere (not that he'd admit to it).

I hope to make some for S2 as well. I've got school, but I'll find time. ;)

Thanks again, Lizy, and hope you're doing good. :)